Overdue Reparations

Let’s talk overdue payment for our pain and suffering!

We need the reparations we are OWED, and it’s time we take it! We’ve endured over 450+ years of mistreatment, and continue to be abused to this day! Those stimulus checks were proof that the government can afford to give us any form of payment. These  are some ways they can pay us back!

-Start off with 100k so we can have a start. 

-Tax Exemption for all of us on all taxes. Let the white people with over 90% of the wealth in Amerikkka pay it for a change. 

-Housing Support to help us all Receive a portion of our land back at lease 3 acres with a house built on it to accommodate each individual family. 

-$25000 grant for existing black business needs or to start up a new business

-At least 5k per adult and $1500 per kid up to 18 a month 

-Wipe all student loans and going forward any school should be free for us to attend. 

-Credit Exemption no more credit score for us.

Our black dollar is what keeps the economy running. The trillions we spend a year will only be appreciated once it’s gone. 

We need to open more black businesses, and instead of shopping with all these other businesses, we need to shop and invest ONLY in our own people’s businesses. If we put those trillions of dollars into our own communities, we will see the benefits. 

So if you are a BBO, we would love you to join our platform so we can begin the process of taking what we are owned. The more money we spend within our own race, the more money we all will have as a whole.