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Da Village Network was established in 2019. It was founded by Alexis and Ronnie Perry as a way to establish and support our community, stimulate black economy and recycle the black dollar. As owners of multiple black small businesses we understand first hand how hard it to start and establish business. On top of the everyday struggles of being black and surviving in this crazy world. We wanted to stand with our community as they continue to fight for our rights. But we couldn't be on the front line protesting. So we thought about what else we would need to live independent of systems set up to capitalize off everything we are while showing zero support or regard or respect.

And just like the Da Village Network was born.

To us Da Village Network is more than just a e-commerce marketplace. It a space for all black owned business owners to come together as a community and grow our businesses together. On our terms! We have created a platform that will let our customers & members quickly & easily search for local

restaurants and services and buy products. So you don't have to go searching multiple sites. Basically were combining 3 completely different platforms into 1. All Black & Brown Owned!! There's no sign up fees, or monthly fees. There is a 15% transaction fee that is deducted from each completed transaction. Thats it! So you dont pay anything until you get a sale making Da Village Network risk free!

In today's time with the shifts happening all over the world people are intentionally spending their money with Black Owned Businesses(BBO). You could directly sell your products and or services to our exclusive network of black business supporters who want to spend their money with BBO. Anyone can support by making a purchase or joining as a member but only black businesses owners can join as Village Network partners.

We wanted to take supporting our community further so we will take our profits and give it back to our members. So all supporting members will receive 15% off their purchases. This was our way of paying it forward and allowing our people a positive space for good business.

In the end we intend to make Da Village Network a full service app. If you're interested in helping us your invited to donate here.( All support is appreciated.

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